Womens Freedive Package


Are you looking for a great womens free diving package?  Well look no further.

We are combining the excellent Beuchat Athena Womens suit (4 year warranty on seams), with our best selling mask and snorkel combo, a rubber weight belt and backpack to carry it all.  Cutting tool for safety.

All you then need to decide is what gloves, socks and fins you want?

The Athena suit is a high quality 5mm open cell two piece free diving suit with all of the edges bound that is designed for women.

The Maxlux S mask is our best selling mask.  It is low volume, but wide profile that fits 90% of our customers.

We have decided on a high vis colour for the Spy snorkel to help your buddy and boats see you.  Fluoro Pink.  You can opt for a different colour.

The rubber weight belt is with a standard quick release mechanism.

Taz Knife, can be attached to your weight belt.  This can be used to cut weed and fishing line if entangled.  It has a pointed end, so is perfect for ickying fish if spearing.

The back pack will fit all of the package in, making it easy to carry to your dive site.   The front pocket is a chilly bin for keeping your lunch, chocolate and drinks cool during your day.

Sock options


Blue or Green Camo pattern 2mm neoprene with Supratex hard wearing base.

Beuchat Elaskin 4mm

Black 4mm stretchy neoprene with Supratex hard wearing base.

Glove Opitons


Blue or Green Camp pattern 2mm neoprene with Supratex hard wearing base.

Beuchat Elaskin 2mm

Black 2mm stretchy neoprene with Supratex hard wearing palm and fingers.

Fins options

Mundial ONE - A short fin

Mundial ONE 50 - Longer fin

Mundial Sport - Mundial Footpocket & Sport Blade

Then just let us know what sizes you need.

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